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Custom Cabinetry, Finish Carpentry, Oceanside, LLC

Started in 2001 by Naiman Rahab. Oceanside Kitchen Cabinetry LLC is located in Oceanside California. Fully licensed, insured, and bonded company with two license classification B (general building contractor) and C-6 (specialty millwork and cabinetry).

We can do it all when it comes to cabinets, from designing to installing. Whether you are looking to replace your cabinets completely or just reface your existing units, we will get the job done with excellent craftsmanship and quality materials, all at an affordable rate.

If you are considering a complete makeover for your bathroom, kitchen, or fireplace, make us your number one choice. We bring the knowledge and expertise that comes with years of experience in custom cabinetry and finish carpentry services as a bonus to your remodeling project. Since 2001, we have been providing high-quality bathroom, kitchen, and fireplace remodeling for homes, as well as office remodeling for businesses.

Our goal is to make your home a much warmer and cozier place for you to enjoy for years to come. Additionally, our design skills and expertise will make even your grandest or most intricate ideas come to life.

Our Expertise

You won’t find prefabricated materials or designs in our custom cabinet shop.

Oceanside kitchen cabinetry LLC builds made-to-fit cabinetry in every style and finish, from classic to contemporary. Our engineering department is staffed by master craftsmen with over a decades of collective experience, and our no-compromise installation process meets the most exacting specifications.

Browse Our Services

Bathroom Remodeling 

Our bathroom remodeling service includes installing granite or tile shower walls and countertops.

Custom Bathroom Vanities 

We can also build custom vanities that instantly add a touch of classic sophistication to your bathrooms.

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Custom Fireplace Mantels

We can build or reface your old brick or stone fireplace with a new and modern wooden mantel without demolishing existing structures or messing up your property. Since you spend most of your time with your family and friends in the living room area, it pays to have a fireplace mantel that will surely be the main attraction of your home. This is a great look for your home, especially during the Christmas season.

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Kitchen Remodeling

NR Construction and Woodwork in Oceanside, California does complete kitchen remodeling or refacing of your existing cabinets.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

We can build custom kitchen cabinets to suit your specific lifestyle or install your store-bought kitchen cabinets.

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Entertainment Centers and Built-In Cabinets

Fill in those empty spaces that came with the house with an entertainment center or a set of built-in cabinets. These make a big difference in the overall appearance of your home.

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Custom Cabinetry

We provide custom-built cabinets for any part of your house or business establishment.

Cabinet Refacing

We can reface your existing cabinetry for a fraction of the cost, compared to buying new ones and having them installed.

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Window Seat Cabinets and Bookcases

Make the most of the extra space around your windows by adding window seat cabinets or bookcases for more storage options.

Window Seat Cabinets and Bookcases

Make the most of the extra space around your windows by adding window seat cabinets or bookcases for more storage options.

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Built-In Office Cabinets

Make your home office a much neater and more organized area by adding custom built-in cabinetry.

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Coffered Ceilings

Coffered ceilings add a unique look to your home.

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Window Casing

Case your windows to give them a polished look. We have different styles and sizes of door and window casings to choose from.

Oceanside kitchen cabinetry LLC

Our Services

Like a piece of fine furniture, Oceanside Kitchen cabinetry is built to last and adorned with distinctive details. Fusing state-of-the-art technology with timeless woodworking techniques, our in-house team creates residential and commercial cabinets perfectly suited to your space—and your lifestyle.

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Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

Cabinets are the backbone of any dream kitchen. Our handcrafted cabinetry lends design interest and streamlines meal prep.


Transform your closets with custom cabinetry. From the master bedroom to guest rooms and baths, we’ll put everything within reach.

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Storage Bench Seat

Custom build storage bench seat. Design to fit your space.

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Custom build bookcase that fits your unique room. 

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Custom build Mudroom cabinet that fits your unique room space. 

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Custom build Entertainment center that fits your unique wall space. 

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Fill in the death space on your wall with a custom built-in-cabinet.

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Add Crown molding to dress up you ceiling.

Fireplace Mantels

Custom build Fireplace mantel that fits your fireplace chimney.

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Case Opening 

Trim out your wall opening into a Cased opening with moldings.

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